My Journey to healing psoriasis

Hi I am Amy, I am a designer, lecturer, traveller and I have also been a sufferer of psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is caused by an autoimmune system disorder.

I went through a long journey using natural healing and UVB light therapy, with persistence and tenacity, I have recovered to a near clear skin condition from a over 60% coverage of psoriasis that looked like a burnt state.

Having gone through such journey I am compelled with compassion and wanted to write this non-clinical specialist website to help you and those who may be suffering psoriasis and looking for ways to heal.

I had psoriasis since I was in high school, but it was not noticeable and it would easily be recovered with simple few days of rest. Since the summer of 2013 my psoriasis had exacerbated and manifested to a severe to extremity condition.   60% of my body was covered in psoriasis and it looked like it was in a burnt state.

It was itching, it looked angry, open, and it was constantly oozing water and bleeding. It was infected. I would put Kleenex over and padding it lighting and the Kleenex would be soaked and yellow.

It was extremely difficult to work, especially for creative work where you have to really focus. I was in a lot of pain, and the stress at work did not help. The colleagues and the senior would be kindly concern to see if I was okay and felt sorry for me.

Back then I was working on many projects along with my principal and would be flying from San Francisco where I was then residing to China through 7-10 cities for business meetings every month, for over 8 months time.

By Christmas 2014 I was home in Toronto Canada, visiting my parents after a business trip and my mom looked extremely worried. I didn’t want to discuss about it because it was irritating when people try to tell me how bad it was and what I should do. Instead my mom and dad then sympathized and said in a concerned tone “it must be very itchy and painful”.

I then realized how bad it was, and then a few weeks later I was going through another work deadline and my skin was aggravating even more. I still thought I would finish my deadline and then get treated in a few months. Finally my principal told me “I think health is more important than your deadline”

I then asked myself “ How far would you go for health”

And I answered “at all cost” ….the week after, I made all my work and living arrangements and went to get treated for psoriasis.

A journey of healing with many uphill battles then began. It was a very tough journey and many times I almost gave up, but I didn’t. I persisted on natural healing and did many researches that find natural/holistic ways to heal.

After over two years of treating and making many lifestyle adjustments, I have gone through a life-changing transformation and now have nearly clear skin.

And now I would like to help you do the same.


Hi I am Amy!

Hi I am Amy!

Welcome to Lonio-Remedies, a non-clinical website on psoriasis well being!

Believe that psoriasis can clear through natural healing!

I have cleared my psoriasis through natural healing and I wanted to share my story with you and help people do the same.

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